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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dining Favorites Series: Magic Kingdom Table Service

I often get asked about our family's favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World. There are so many choices at each location and Disney does a great job of trying to cover every appetite from kids to vegan to indulgent.  Let's go park by park (and hotels, Boardwalk, etc too) and look at our personal favorites!  Here is a great link to every dining spot in the Magic Kingdom in case your tastes or needs don't fall in line with ours.

Table Service

The new Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland is amazing.  It is a TS for dinner and a QS for lunch. Reservations are EXTREMELY hard to get.  It usually books up at midnight 180 days from travel time. If this is a must do for your family, be prepared to have a sleepless night staring at the clock or call the reservation line everyday asking for a cancellation. This a credit card hold restaurant and if you miss your reservation, you will be charged. There are 3 dining rooms: The Ballroom (with snow falling outside), the mysterious West Wing (with the enchanted rose), and the Rose Gallery (with Belle and the Beast statues dancing in the background). At the moment, you can't request a specific room to dine, but rumors are that in the future you will be able to. Great food, amazing atmosphere, this will be a highlight of your trip.

Tony's- This restaurant is in Town Square up near the entrance of the park.  It's home style, comfort food Italian and it is always yummy!It is a TS for both lunch and dinner.  It doesn't serve breakfast.
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Others: Cinderella's Royal Table- We skip this hard to get into restaurant for a few reasons 1. we have boys and they aren't interested in the princesses 2. it requires 2 TS tickets and we would rather do other signature dining, and 3. You can see all the princesses at a different restaurant in EPCOT that is only 1 TS and much easier to book.  BUT if you have a princess-crazy kid at your house, what could be better than dining in THE royal castle?

Crystal Palace is a buffet, character breakfast with the Pooh friends. Our kids have never been big Pooh fans, so we have skipped this one. Friends who have been give it rave reviews.

Liberty Tree Tavern- In my opinion, it is merely ok.  The theme is interesting, Revolutionary America, but the menu is sponsered by Stouffers and not very good.  Skip this and save your TS for other places.

Plaza Restaurant- We have different views on this at my house.  I (Molly) love this one.  Its tucked back off of Main Street and offers what we call "Lady Lunch", chicken salad sandwiches, tiny pickles, cute quiches, etc. Jason thinks it is skippable, but I think it's a cute option. Less expensive than other restaurants, so you could always pay out of pocket if you wanted to fit this one in.

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