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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Disney Free Dining Offer

Disney released their FREE DINING offer today. This is one of the best discounts available. There is a limited arrival window of September 2 through the 25th. You will receive a free Quick Service or Standard Dining plan with a non-discounted stay at a Disney Resort.

We highly recommend the Disney Dining plan. We have traveled with the dining plan every visit since 2006. I will give more details in a future post. So book today since availability is limited and this is a very popular discount. More information in the link below.

Disney World Free Dining


  1. Hey Jason! I am a friend of Molly's, and somehow I stumbled on your blog from Googling Disney tips! Do you have a blog in the works on favorite eats in the parks? Using the dining plan to the fullest? Booking breakfasts, lunches and/or dinners and how that works w/ small kiddos? Just curious! We have booked some things for September as soon as they announced free dining. Would love to see your thoughts!

    1. Thanks for the comment Ashley. I have a Disney Dining Plan post in the works that should cover your second and third questions. I will create another post that covers our favorite eats and restaurants. Look for them soon.