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Friday, August 16, 2013

Dining Favorites Series: Epcot Quick Service

Epcot has the most diverse restaurant choices both for quick service and table service of any Disney World theme park. Because of the World Showcase you have the chance to experience an international assortment of foods and spirits. One great aspect of many of the Epcot counter service restaurants is they sell small items that are easy to stroll and munch on. Another plus is that they all serve beer, wine, or cocktails based on the country they represent. So be sure to pair an Oktoberfest beer with your bratwurst in Germany!

Yorkshire County Fish Shop (United Kingdom) - This place is a must visit every trip for me. They serve fish and chips (fries) English style. Grab a basket and head in the UK to listen to British Revolution in the rose garden.
Drink pairing: Bass Ale
la Cantina de San Angel (Mexico) - Fresh Mexican food on the World Showcase Lagoon. Tacos or Nachos? One of the hardest choices you'll make all day. Also, churros for dessert, super yum! TIP: Try one of the Paletas instead of the churritos you're in for a frozen treat!
Drink Pairing: Dos Equis Lager

Boulangerie Patisserie (France) - Who doesn't love French pasteries? This restaurant has a huge assortment of pasteries, tarts, quiches, sandwiches, and desserts. Everything is made fresh daily. Boulangerie Patisserie was recently expanded and has added a large seating area. TIP: This counter service option is open for breakfast at 9 am. Walk through the world showcase before it opens and enjoy a chocolate croissant in Paris!
Drink Pairing: Cappuccino

Tangierine Cafe (Morocco) - Take your appetite to Morocco and try the flavors of Northern Africa. They serve many unique dishes here that you won't find anywhere else. If you are open to trying new things go for a Shawarma platter.
Drink Pairing: Tangierine Cocktail

Liberty Inn (America) - Can you think of a better place to have an All-American meal than at the Liberty Inn? This restaurant may be for you if you're tired of touring the world. Burgers, barbecue and apple pie, it doesn't get any better than that!
Drink Pairing: Sam Adams Lager
Sunshine Seasons (Future World) - Located within the Land pavilion this counter service restaurant offers several stations for dining options. You can pick from the grill, bakery, soup/salad, sandwiches, or Asian noodles. You will be able to find something for everyone here, even your most picky eaters. TIP: Some of the food served at Sunshine Seasons was actually grown or harvested in the Land greenhouses. Ask your chef for details.

Sommerfest (Germany) - Buy yourself a traditional bratwurst and a pretzel from a person wearing lederhosen in this German restaurant. Here is another must visit location for me. The sell souvenir beer steins too.
Drink Pairing: Altenmunster Oktoberfest or a shot of Jagermeister if your feeling it.

A perfect meal at Epcot - from tripadvisor
Electric Umbrella (Future World) - This Future World location is a typical burger and nugget restaurant similar to Cosmic Ray's at Magic Kingdom.

Lotus Blossum Cafe (China) - This restaurant is way better than your local Chinese takeout joint. Order the orange chicken and wander around this beautiful pavilion.
Drink Pairing: Tsing Tao beer

Katsuru Grill (Japan) - This recently remodeled restaurant serves traditional Japanese fare. The sushi is amazing and the teriyaki combo meals are huge. Eat outside on the patio overlooking a wonderful Japanese garden for a great break from the crowds.
Drink Pairing: hot Saki
A great ambiance ouside at Katsuru Grill - from disneyparks

There are many more kiosks and walk up eateries at Epcot that were not covered in this post. I encourage you to review the menus before your visit and try some new and wonderful flavors at this park. I will caution you to limit the number of drink parings so you don't have too much fun strolling around the World Showcase!

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