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Thursday, November 7, 2013

7 Reasons Why Walter White is Like Walt Disney

I am a big fan of the show Breaking Bad. I especially love the lead character Walter White. But would you ever have expected Walter White to have similarities to Walt Disney? Check out the seven reasons below why Walter White is like Walt Disney.
  • Both Walts had mustaches:
    • Walter White had a mustache most of his life, and grew it into a goatee after he was diagnosed with cancer.
    • Walt Disney grew his mustache in at age 19, and was rarely seen clean shaven.
  • Liked to wear a fedora:
    • Walter White took on his Heisenberg persona when he donned his Fedora
    • Walt Disney wore his fedora to many movie premiers.
  • They each created an empire:
    • Walter White built a meth empire in the Southwest.
    • Walt Disney started a new theme park empire, still unrivaled today.
  • Both men provided a premium product unlike anything else available:
    • Walter White was able to cook 99.1% pure blue crystal meth. 
    • Walt Disney produced the most renowned animated movies in the world.
  • Did their best work in secret:
    • Walter White lead a secret double life as a Meth chemist.
    • Walt Disney secretly bought up 1,000's of acres near Orlando for his Florida Project.
  • Had passion for the railroad:
    • Walter White pulled off a Methylamine heist from a train.
    • Walt Disney had a train in his backyard with over a half mile of track.
  • Each had lung cancer:
    • Walter White was diagnosed with lung cancer which drove him become a meth cook.
    • Walt Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away a two months later.

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