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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Walt's Eldest Daughter has Died - RIP Diane Disney Miller

I just came across this very said news on Diane Disney Miller age 79 passed away due to injuries related to a fall. She died in Napa California.

Tom Hanks discussing his upcoming role playing her father with Diane Disney Miller
courtesy of Hollywood Reporter 
This is very sudden and sad news and I'm sure the Disney community is mourning her loss. When I visited the Walt Disney Family Museum a couple months ago, I learned many new things about Diane and her sister Sharon. There was a room dedicated to Walt the family man which had many gifts he had given to his children. Also, they show footage of both  his daughter's weddings. Mrs. Miller was a huge proponent of the Walt Disney Family Museum and was the current board president at the time of her passing. The museum is accepting donations in lieu of flowers at the family's request. Below is a statement I pulled from the museum website:

     "In lieu of flowers and gifts, donations may be made to the memorial fund that The Walt Disney Family           Museum has created in honor of Diane Disney Miller. Donations will support the museum's ongoing               education efforts, exhibitions, and programs. Donations and cards can also be sent to the family through         The Walt Disney Family Museum, attn: Director's Office; 104 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA         94129."

See more at:

Diane Disney Miller on a 2005 visit to Disneyland with Art Linkletter.
If you are in the San Francisco area, I highly recommend visiting the museum. I am currently working on a future post about my visit.

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