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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Following Message Will Self Destruct...

     Check out the new secret mission USBs Disney is sending to their Magicband guests. In preparation for a visit to Walt Disney World, guests are receiving a tutorial for the Disney Magicbands. The Tutorial is delivered in the same Incredibles packaging as the Magicbands. Inside the box is a neat Mickey head USB stick to play on your computer.
photo by Steven C.
     Once you get the video running you get a description of how the Magicband works as told by Edna Mode of The Incredibles. The video is similar to this one. The best thing is that after the USB drive is plugged in, it lights up green just like the Magicband stations throughout the parks at Walt Disney World.
photo by Steven C.
    I hadn't seen these until yesterday and now I want one. How many of you have received this top secret Mickey USB drive?

If you'd like to know more about Magicbands check out our previous post Our Magicbands Have Arrived.

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